Formed in February 2016 with the founding members being Simon Marshall, Angus Tong, Hugh North, Tim Taylor and Ryan Vadera.  We were all fairly new to the world of sim-racing. We competed against each other at www.simracing-gp.net exclusively for the first couple of years, and this remains a great place to learn your craft as a rookie. We picked up some notable members along the way like Ben Boorman, Christos Segkounas, Matt Beavis and Mantas Rekus who amongst others have been long term drivers for us who share the same vision and ethos that gives Rookie Monsters its unique position in the simracing landscape.

Our goals and vision include

  • Accessible to all drivers irrespective of skill or ability – all we want to see is a similar level of commitment, we know you have lives outside of this digital motorsport wonderland but we wont ask you to sacrifice your family time
  • We wont ask you to sign contracts – we need you to want to be here racing with us, if you want to be a mercenary and drive for other teams then that’s okay but being exclusive has its benefits and offers a wider choice of seats
  • Keep costs to a minimum – we don’t want to be taking money to race but we prefer to race in series that have a paywall, this narrows the choices of the series but ensures like minded competitors.
  • Promote the drivers to expose them and the team to all publicity, we don’t take ourselves too seriously but there is no harm in showcasing what we have achieved and what we strive towards