Adam Shipstone

Tier 1 Team Driver

Ive been racing for about 4 years and was into Project Cars initially but then moved over to iRacing and still race there with an iRating of about 3.5K. I am an account manager for a passive protection fire company. I have a son named Henry Jonas Shipstone who is 2 and a half and 2 step children, Liam and Tessa who are 8 and 6 respectively. not married currently, I was born in West Bromwich, in the West Midlands (UK). I am not from a family of racers however my granddad was very keen on having me race karts. From the ages of 8-13 I raced Karts at a Club and National level with moderate success. Also a keen fan of Heavy Metal and i still play guitar but can’t handle going to Music Festivals anymore.

Preferred race number; 87 has a special place in my heart

Proudest Simracing achievement; Winning the 24 hours of Le Mans race in iRacing twice in one year in 2 different classes. 1st was the Majors series 24 hours of Le Mans which we won in the LMP2 and after that we won the official 24 hours of Le Mans in the LMP1 class in our split (Split 3)

Funniest Simracing moment; Usually involves watching someone do something’s unbelievably reckless out on track that doesn’t involve me but this clip was from a recent team race…

Simulators raced; iRacing, Rfactor 2, ACC

My rig setup; My rig is made up of the following, Sim Labs Gt-1 evo rig, 49 inch ultra wide monitor, sim-plicity 20nm V3 direct drive wheel base, fanatec formula v2 and McLaren GT3 wheels both usb converted and Magnetic Shifters and HE pro 2 pedal set. I have this in its own living room in the front of the house where I have a sofa bed for 24 hour races and a tv to keep an eye on the races I’m in!

Favourite car; Oreca LMP2 and the Porsche 919

My preferred car class; Has to be modern Le Mans prototypes but anything down force and I’m all over it

Favourite track; Le Mans will always hold a special place in my heart

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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