Angus Tong

Server BOSS

I am one of the founding members of Rookie Monsters having raced with Simon Marshall, Ryan Vadera, Hugh North and Tim Taylor at the start of our journey at I live in Toronto and work at an auto repair shop so see a few luxury cars. I own a Suburu WRX and compete in a local kart league taking a few wins and many podiums. I flew over to the UK and drove to France to watch the 2019 Le Mans event with other team members and I’m so glad I did before Covid happened.

Preferred race number; 99

Proudest Simracing achievement; Too many. or I’m just lazy to think of any right now

Funniest Simracing moment; Way too many – literally all the time these guys have me rofl

Simulators raced; Rfactor 2, iRacing, ACC,

My rig setup; Fanatic CSL Elite + IKEA desk

Favourite car; 911

My preferred car class; GT and Prototypes

Favourite track; Spa/Mosport

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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