Darius Andrei

Team Driver

I started on rFactor 1 a few years ago I cant remember when exactly but my life is not really interesting, I’m 15 years old, I live in Romania near Timisoara and I like to race 🙂 I live with my parents and I have no brothers or sisters to annoy me while racing. I listen to 90’s and 00’s music mainly and sometimes go out cycling with my Dad. I watch F1/F2 and WEC and IMSA I’m torn between Alonso, Kimi, Schumacher (snr) and Hakkinen as being my favourite of all time – I like them all

Preferred race number; 56

Proudest Simracing achievement; Well I don’t really have any simracing achievements except some F1 Games wins and a GPVWC FC win in the last race that I’m looking forward to convert into a title in the 2021 Season

Funniest Simracing moment; I’ve got so many funny simracing moments with my friends that I don’t know what the funniest would be.. Probably when I was still league racing on the Codemasters F1 Games with like 7 friends on voicechat during races, good times

Simulators raced; RF2, ACC and iRacing

My rig setup; TS-PC Racer, T3PA Pedals and a wood desk 🙂

Favourite car; No idea, I like so many cars I can’t name one

My preferred car class; Prototype, Formula

Favourite track; Le Mans

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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