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I started simracing in 2020 and met the Rookie Monsters over at OTCRhttps://otcr.dk/. I have always been in ‘racing’ environments as my father used to do classic side-car racing. So every summer as a toddler I’d be running around paddocks filled with motorcycles, side cars and smelly bearded men. From that came a genuine interest in racing itself and seeing Senna, but more so Schumacher, doing those early/mid 90’s F1 races I had a bit of a crush on F1 at the time. video games weren’t that big at the time but I remember playing a demo we had from some game magazine, me and my older brother were constantly racing 10 minutes. The demo didn’t allow more, and was on repeat with Nurburgring over and over. I believe it was called Formula 1, by Psygnosis, which had ’95 F1 cars..all very pixelated and probably would make me obnoxious after 5 minutes now. After that I found endurance races very interesting, I loved the look of those prototypes in the 90’s and GT1 (Toyota, Mercedes, McLaren F1,Panoz. Porsche etc) which looked awesome for me. My interest moved away a bit from racing for a decade or so until a point I was going through a very rough period and found myself doing F1 2014 on xbox360 with a bunch of English chaps who did weekly events and that helped me getting through it in a way. With that in mind this came back to my mind during covid life. I delved further and deeper into ‘real’ sim racing and loved every little bit of it. For sure the contacts that I made with people with a similar love for racing from all around and the late night discussions on where to gain 2 tenths in many ways kept me sane throughout this last year. Whether I am into sim racing for years and years to come I am not entirely sure, I love to delve deep into subjects or hobbies for a while but usually move on to something else at one point. I wouldn’t rule out doing more races, but definitely not at the same intensity as it has been during the latter part of 2020. I can say that the guys I’ve driven with, or against, the guys at Rookie Monsters are all friends that I’ll be glad to help out with whatever I can whenever I can for sure.

Preferred race number; 155

Proudest Simracing achievement; 3rd place in TheSimGrid World Cup Bathurst 12h. Competing against some of the best sim racers in ACC this race had it all for me personally. I took over the car in 4th place doing a solid first stint moving into 3rd and keeping in touch with the leaders to eventually leading, losing it, recovering, dropping back again outside top 10 doing overtakes, having my best double stint on one set of tyres, handing over the car to Matt Beavis in what we thought was a missed opportunity still finishing on the podium is what I consider the most fun you can have in simracing.

Funniest Simracing moment; ‘Ignoring’ blue flags on Jenson Button during PPR 12h Silverstone. I’m sure he had a small code brown going into Stowe.

Simulators raced; ACC, Rfactor 2

My rig setup; TM 300rs wheel and t3pa pedals. home built rig from old ikea furniture on a dusty attic with a squeaky floor

Favourite car; Ferrari 250 gto

My preferred car class; GT

Favourite track; Chauvinism but it has to be 1. Spa-Francorchamps, 2. Bathurst Mount Panorama, 3. Canadian Tyre Motorsport Park

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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