Ibraheem Khan

Team Driver

I started racing with rfactor 2 in 2019 and started my simracing journey with Seawolf Netrace and raced against Mantas in the CFEG WSCC season 3, We always fought hard and fair and we earned a mutual respect of each other and decided to team up the next year. This lead to discussions with me driving for RM in VEC and I did a few races with RM in the div 1 Oreca but Mantas was committed to another car. We decided it would be best if I drove for Zansho in VEC as I had already done so in GT challenge so I moved over to the Corvette which is a lot heavier than the P2 as Mantas found out when I stole his rear wing and any chance of a podium – oops.

We are still good friends and I still race for RM in the lesser championships like EERS where we are 2nd overall 1 point off of 1st in the championship

I live in Scotland and have a deep Scottish accent and study engineering at Uni. I got promoted to GT-Pro for season 3 so I’m looking forward to that next season

Preferred race number; 27

Proudest Simracing achievement; Split 1 GT challenge Indy win – see link below

Funniest Simracing moment; idk (this goes a little way to explain why he is a primary Zansho driver now)

Simulators raced; RF2, ACC, and iRacing

My rig setup; Fanatec csw 2.5 Heusinkveld Sprint BMW m3 gt2 rim DIY 8020 rig

Favourite car; MP4/13

My preferred car class; GT

Favourite track; Silverstone

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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