Luca D’Amelio

Team Driver

I started simraing in 2017 on AC because you know I am Italian but then I discovered rFactor 2 and I have not looked back since. i sometimes race on iRacing in the bigger events and have dabbled in ACC but rFactor 2 is my home. I made it through to GT-Pro at the end of season 2 but since no one else is as quick as me here at RM I have to race with another team so Im not lonely. Hopefully Matt Beavis will at least try next year and give me some company. I also helped Mantas win the div 2 Hypercar class despite having disconnects costing us a couple of wins.

‘Porco dio’

Preferred race number; 75

Proudest Simracing achievement; Leaving the Porsche for the LMP2 in VEC

Funniest Simracing moment; Night time stints at the Nordschleife 24 Hours by P1, while playing the coconut song in the background

Simulators raced; RF2 ACC

My rig setup; Fanatec CSW V1+CSP v1 pedals

Favourite car; BMW M8 GTE

My preferred car class; GT and Historic OW

Favourite track; Road America

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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