Luca Tavernari

Team Driver

I ‘m 26, I come from Modena, italy and currently live in Modena. I’m a java software developer by day and simracer by night. Sometimes I also like to play some fps and board games with family and friends. I come from a normal Italian family, all very passionate about racing and motorsport in general and started playing sim racing games around 10 years ago with rfactor 1. I moved to AC1 and then ACC. Finally last year, with the covid situation, I tried to take my chances in competitive sim racing and a few months later I joined the Rookie Monsters!

Preferred race number; 7

Proudest Simracing achievement; Being able to participate in the Lamborghini esport event was a huge achievement for me since it was my first esport event and I managed to finish around top 10 in most of the races. In that championship my proudest moment was the Spa race where I qualified 5th and was taken out at the bus stop at the end of the first lap getting kicked back to the 18th position. I managed to close the race in P7

Funniest Simracing moment; During the Lamborghini e-sport event I had a wrong setup that was overheating tyres. That was causing huge Formula D moments at 130R Suzuka. I still managed to finish P10 because of a last lap incident between the two cars in front of me at the last chicane

Simulators raced; ACC

My rig setup; Fanatec V2.5 wheel base with formula carbon. Fanatec clubsport V3 pedals all mounted on the RSeat RS1which moves around in my bedroom and is posted in front of my desk when I simrace.

Favourite car; Any mid engine car and the Jaaag

My preferred car class; GT

Favourite track; Kyalami, Monza, Barcellona, Bathurst, Misano, Imola. Love all of them!

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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