We have a very simple model for pricing and the expert knowledge for it to be a hassle free experience

All of the below packages are available for any of our entries. Just select the Series that you want to be represented in. Prices are dependent on which series tier is right for you.

Primary Sponsor

Go large on this premium livery package where you will have your own livery designed and made to your specification. You are the primary sponsor and have full sized coverage of the roof, hood and doors. This package is priced to share with a secondary sponsor for areas like the wings and bumpers.

Secondary Sponsor

Secondary sponsor follows the usual motorsport model where we add your logo to an existing livery. You will be the secondary sponsor and be free to use the wings and bumpers to share you message in direct sight of competitors and viewers alike

Named Sponsor

This is where things start coming together, you get the Primary Sponsor livery but in addition your name will be in the teams name but you will share it by placing RM at the end as a nod to it being a Rookie Monsters entry.

Exclusive Sponsor

This is our all inclusive and exclusive package for you and you alone. No sharing required! The car will have no other sponsorship placed on it and the team name will be exclusively yours. Sponsors will get the opportunity to speak to the drivers as they line up on the grid and cross the start finish line. Videos, pictures and voice recordings will then be used to promote your brand on social media

Why not contact us today and we will talk you through it.