Tom Lombaerts

Team Driver

I started racing rFactor 2 in 2016 and then with Rookie Monsters in 2018 at GPVWC and then also at GTR24h in the live LAN event catching a lift back home to Belgium with the team boss as he drove back to the UK. I was on a years apprenticeship with the factory BMW DTM team called Racing Bart Mampaey but that is now over. It was a massive opportunity to see how a team at that level operates and shared a great atmosphere with all the guys. I studied electronic engineering at college and like to go mountain biking on my new Kona mountain in the Ardene Forest when I can get some time off. I drive a Fiesta ST but my parents have a Tesla model S which is faster. My Dad does enthusiast level rallying so I read the pace notes and sometimes I’m allowed to drive but I must admit its ended up in a ditch previously. I have previously driven for Drillers and Flag2Flag racing but quite like the vibe here at RM.

Preferred race number; bwoah

Proudest Simracing achievement; FSR ACA Spa 2019. I won the race after being in control for the whole second stint. That year we had a really good car and setup with ghostspeed and i won another race at silverstone. This one is maybe a bit more special because i really set my sights on this race, me being the only belgian in the championship at the time. I prepared perfectly and after the first stint it was a textbook race.

Funniest Simracing moment; well most funny moments happen off the track

Simulators raced; RF2 + Richard Burns Rally and Dirt Rally 2

My rig setup; TS-PC Racer, Heusinkveld Pro pedals, expired Sparco seat from an actual rally car, self-made rig welded together with steel profiles, Heusinkveld sequential shifter and handbrake

Favourite car; Subaru impreza group A. Very solid, stable and fast 4WD rally car, back when 4WD was quite new

My preferred car class; Formula cars, downforce is mega

Favourite track; Spa

My RM driver stats below; found out why we do them and have a go at scoring yourself

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